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Why are you troubled? Touch Me, and see! (Luke 24:36-39)

Pastor Elroi Reimnitz, April 15, 2018
Part of the Sunday Sermon series, from a Sunday Church service

Pastor Elroi Reimnitz, Sunday, April 15, 2018
Luke 24:36-49

"Why are you troubled? Touch Me, and see!"

Luke 24:36-39

36And as they thus spake, Jesus himself stood in the midst of them, and saith unto them, Peace be unto you. 37But they were terrified and affrighted, and supposed that they had seen a spirit. 38And he said unto them, Why are ye troubled? and why do thoughts arise in your hearts? 39Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have. (KJV)



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